Thursday, June 22, 2006

Paper Trail

I'm in the process of cleaning out my e-mail inbox at work. I archive every few months, so there's nothing in there older than five months old. Just the same, it all seems like a lifetime ago. It's fascinating to read the e-mails that kicked off friendships with people it seems like I've known for all of my life, the e-mails that were foreplay to amazing moves of God in relationships and ministry. I'm reading e-mails and thinking how young we were back then, and how little we knew of life and love and things of the Spirit. I was quite literally a different person then, so it's interesting to read the old Dennis' thoughts. Just five months? Wow! It's amazing how when we're walking with God, we live in his time, where a day is like an hour (or whatever that verse is).

With time flying by, it's good to have a record of where I've been, especially since my journaling habit didn't take. Of all of the habits that just wouldn't stick, that would be the one. Wouldn't it just figure? Although, to be fair, a lot of my bad habits didn't stick either. Like the love affair with "the sauce" that marked my college years: didn't stick. I really can't thank God enough for that.

Anyway, I do have a new tool. I stole an idea from My friend Julie: sending God e-mail. I set up an e-mail account for God (, and I send him an e-mail at least once a day. It works out really well. The password is 10 or 12 random characters, so I can never check it and see what I wrote, but it's still a good way to talk to God. If he ever writes back, I'll probably have a heart attack, but it's great for one-way downloading.

You're welcome to use the address if you want, but I wouldn't send him any junk mail or forwards, if I were you. If you send him a Christian chain letter and your computer crashes, don't say I didn't warn you.


At 12:38 PM, July 02, 2006, Blogger Ken said...

What an insanely cool and original idea! It is just the sort of thing I expect from people in the Kingdom. Creative and practical, simple and profound, personal and duplicatable.

That addy ought to be a required addition to every believer's address book.




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