Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Happiness Is...

In middle school choir, we sang a song called "Happiness Is" from You're a Good Man Charlie Brown. I can vaguely remember the tune and none of the words. What I can remember, however, is some of the lyrics from the dirty version of the song that we crafted in our down time. I'll spare you the details, as they are beside the point.

I only brought up the song, because it was the first thing that popped into my head as I loosed my brain to explore the meaning of happiness. As I look around my life, I see a lot of people who are not as happy as they should be. These people appear to have so much going for them, but can't find a way to make it enough for sustained contentment or security. Ironically, this knowledge does not stop me from envying them.

I have my moments, but for the most part I'm a pretty happy person and I always have been. I can honestly say what I have is more joy than happiness. I'm not feeling Bibly right now, so I'm not going to bore you or me with an exegesis or isogesis of scriptural references as to the difference. Suffice it to say, my sunny disposition is not always justified by my surroundings or my situation. Even though my life, in general, is pretty darn sweet.

Now that I'm three paragraphs into this post, I realize that I don't have a point. I really don't. I guess I really just want the people I care about to be happy...especially if I'm wasting time being jealous of them.


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