Thursday, May 25, 2006

Prayer Dare: Day #39

Father God,

Bless me and keep me as I sleep. I pray for pleasant dreams and a restful night. Keep the temperature comfortable and let me wake up feeling rested. Help me to stay alseep until I hear the click of the alarm clock. Let me have an efficient morning and get out of the house early. Bless me, also, with another productive day. Let me finish and mail out the e-mail memo. Help me to find good graphics and a better layout for the activities guide. And, let me find time to do some work on the report. If anything comes up on the grant, let it be manageable and insiginificant. Let my lunch hour be good, too, help me find something relaxing to do with the time. Throw a good surprise or two in there somewhere. Let me finish my day feeling like I've accomplished all that I needed to, let it end with closure on an project or some major intermediary step. Let my afterwork time be relaxing. I'm not sure if I want to read or write or draw, but whatever I do, I need you in it. Be there, God and help me to end my day without regrets.

I honor you, Lord, and ask this all in Jesus' name,


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