Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Prayer Dare: Day #31


I thank you for the freedom to truly worship. Seal your work, and never let me forget that your work is done, but mine is just beginning. I must live it. I must live in it. I forgive, but I must walk in forgiveness. I love, but I must walk in love. Through your love and mercy, you have empowered my will and my voice. Now that they work I need to use them. Help me to use my will and my voice wisely, not like a child with a new toy, but like Jesus who used his power to heal and help and love and instruct, and most of all to bring you glory. I want to bring you glory and I never want to steal your glory and I never want to abuse your gifts. Don't let me feel the need to earn your love. Remind me that "sin has wages, but your love yields gifts."

Thank you Lord Jesus for carrying this message to your father on my behalf,


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