Monday, May 08, 2006

Prayer Dare: Day #23

I don't really know what to feel right now. All I feel is peace. Please don't think I'm not grateful for peace. You know me and peace are like siamese blood brothers. I love peace. But I feel like I should feel something. With Alpha over, I feel like I should feel something: relief, excitement, disappointment, nostalgia, anticipation, pride, fear, exhaustion, something. But, it's just peace. I guess I have plenty of time to feel any or all of those things, but I just feel like I should feel it now. While it's fresh. Thank you for peace. I can't exactly complain about peace. Okay, so clearly I can compain about peace, but you know what I mean.

I just want to praise you forever and ever and ever, for all you've done for me. Blessings, and honor, and glory, they all belong to you. Thank you, Jesus for blessing me.

Thank you for peace. In Jesus' name,


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