Sunday, May 07, 2006

Prayer Dare: Day #21

Lord God,
I thank you that I get a second chance to make a first impression. There are so many things in my life that I did absolutely wrong the first time. I did family wrong. I did friendship wrong. I did dating wrong. I did Christianity wrong. But when I came to you with my head hung down and my tail between my legs, begging for you to make it alright, you forgave me. And even when I came to you with my chin in the air and my chest puffed out, insisting that everyone but me was wrong, you laughed at me, then forgave me anyway. And you didn't just forgive me, you washed me up and sent me back to the front lines, as if I had never made a mistake. I did family wrong, but you've given me a second chance to love them better and a will to take it. I did friendship wrong, but you've given me great new friends. I did dating wrong, but you've sent an amazing woman into my life. I did you wrong, but every morning you wake me up, I open my eyes to see you beaming at me with such amazing pride. You look at me like I am a newborn baby, like you can't see the scars and the scabs from the days and years before. And you trust me. I would probably get turned down for a pre-approved credit card at this point, but you put lives in my hands. What are you thinking? And though you know I'll make mistakes, I'm a new man, so I'll make new mistakes. I thank you for the change. I thank you that as I walk into these new relationships and these new opportunities, the difference in me is you. I'm not just working to protect myself and meet my own needs and figure things out on my own. You're there inside of me showing me how to live and how to love. You're protecting me. You're providing for me. You're cheering me on every step of the way (or every crawl of the way, as the case may be). Help me to forget all of the wrong I've done, but remember all of the right that you did with it. Help me to remember all of the times you erased my mistakes, placed me back in the same situation and said "Here, there's something new I want you to try." I thank you for using your omnipotence to will your omniscience to not know.

I love you.

In Jesus' name,


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