Saturday, April 29, 2006

Prayer Dare: Day #13


I lift my hands and I extend myself to you. With your arms stretched out wide, you paid the price. You bled and died. Lord, I lift my voice and I praise your holy name. With your life you saved my soul and with you your power you made me whole. Lord, here I stand! I give my life back to you. You've been so good, that it's the least that I could do.

God, I wasn't quite sure what to say, but Smokie had my back. Thank you for what you did on the cross. And thank you for having me in mind when you did it. Thank you for looking down through history and deciding that I was worth it. That the moments when I would actually pay you attention, when I would worship you and give you the credit that you earned, when I would return your love were worth it. You decided not only were these moments worth what you would suffer on the cross, but also worth the many moments when I would hurt you and make you suffer all over again.

A love that can withstand omniscience? Truly, your love is amazing. Giving you my life is the least that I can do. It's yours. Be gentle :)

I love you back.


At 9:13 AM, April 29, 2006, Blogger Darbs said...

I think I'm gonna have to start my drive with Smokie says everything that needs to be said! Gives me chills...

What a beautiful prayer. Yes, you are worth it!


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