Monday, April 24, 2006

Prayer Dare: Day #8


I thank you for worship. It's been a major theme of the weekend. The last few weekends, actually. It's great to hang out with you and not feel like I have to or even want to just talk about myself, and my issues and my needs and my strengths and my good. I spend enough time thinking about me. And even though it's hard sometime to refocus, once I lock my sights on you, it's pretty awesome. Everything else fades away. I get smaller (in a good way), my problems get smaller (in a great way). The Postal Service sings "everything looks perfect from far away," and that's exactly how it feels. I'm not sure if they know you or not (their lyrics suggest they at least know about you), but if they don't they have no idea how true their words are. When I worship, I feel like I'm translated to heaven. Looking at my world from your throne, everything looks so easy, so manageable, so blessed. Looking at all that I have to do and face through the eyes of your strength and your ability, it all looks so simple. Help me to stay there, in that place. Help me to worship you always. Bend my heart, change it to make the refocusing easier. Thank you.

In Jesus' name,


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