Saturday, April 22, 2006

Prayer Dare: For Mia

Jesus, I thank you for staying true to the words that you spoke to me. Now that you've begun this thing, see it through to the end. Bless my sister and be with her right now where I can't. Go into that hospital room and grab her hand and don't you dare let go. Work through every doctor, nurse and technician. Let them be your hands, your eyes, your ears, your mouth. Make every single decision that there is to make. And help them to follow it through with excellence. Never let them forget that that is your child they are working with, and the child in her womb is your princess. So, make them attentive. Give them a heart for both of them. Let them laugh with them and cry with them and hurt with them. Let them love them and care for them as their own. I pray for a fast process, without complication, a delivery that the experts will call miraculous. And, when there's pain, let her feel you there all the more. Open her eyes to see the angels standing around her, lovingly watching over her and ministering to her. I bind all fear, all doubt, every negative thought, in Jesus' name. I thank you for answering her prayer for the delivery date and for the baby's size. Now, Lord God, help her and help her body through the process. I thank you for my brother-in-law. I thank you for the overwhelming love that you've given him for his wife and his daughter. I ask that in this time, when he must be strong and brave enough for all three of them, that you will be with him. Strengthen him and his love all the more.

And, God, let the baby that is pulled from her womb, be perfect in every way. With ten toes, ten fingers, two arms, two legs, and a heart that beats strong for you. Let her be born with an understanding that she is wonderfully and fearfully made, that she is loved beyond reason by you. Make her beautiful in mind, body, and spirit. Let her be a child after your own heart. Let her be a child that will point her family, her friends and her generation to you. Let her be a child with an unusual joy, an unsual peace, an unusual hope that will bring joy, peace and hope to everyone that she comes in contact with. Give her a fire and a passion for life and for you that cannot be denied. Let her walk with you always and always recognize you, no matter the shape or form that your love takes.

I pray all of these things, knowing the you alone are the God that can make them so. I praise you because you alone are willing and able and going to do it. In Jesus' name,



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