Saturday, April 22, 2006

Prayer Dare: Day #6

Lord God,

You have declared in your Word and confirmed in my heart that now is the time. It is high time that I awake from sleeping. My salvation is far closer than it has ever been before. The night is almost over and the day is at hand. Lord, you've given me a mission and a purpose in this life. That purpose is not to pass the time constantly looking for the path of least resistance. You have ordained a destiny for me and it's more than I can agree to. It's more than I want. But I choose to bow my will unto yours. So, God be my strength and my confidence. Go before me and behind me. Encamp your angels around me. And fill inside of me with your spirit. You live in me and you want to use me. I say yes. I say yes. Don't ever stop carrying me, holding me, rocking me in your arms. Don't ever stop singing me into rest. I love your voice and I need to hear it. Guide my every step into worship. Do it.

In Jesus' name I pray,


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