Thursday, May 11, 2006

Prayer Dare: Day #26


What is it with me and change? As you know, this whole cable internet business has turned my life and my room upside down. I rearranged my entire room to move the desk within spitting distance of the cable jack. I broke 5 jewel cases in the process [which ordinarily would have floored me, I'm really making progress]. Two of my major paper catch-all spaces will have to now remain clean at all times, because they're no longer shielded from view. There's a huge dark corner in my room now. My wardrobe blocks out part of the window. The panoramic view from my desk is now completely different and on the wrong side of my body, I keep looking into the bathroom thinking I'll see outdoors. But you know what bothers me most? The two new icons on my desktop. Everything else I'll adjust to without a peep. But those two icons are not going to make it through the night. One or two of the existing icons will have to go bye-bye, so that I can have two neat rows of icons just like before. What is that about? For real! You're the Counselor. Please tell me why I'm crazy. I'm sorry to call me crazy, but it's very...unique. It's also a metaphor for ret of my life. It's the insignificant changes that wreak the most havoc. I think it's the Serenity prayer. I don't sweat the changes I can't do anything about, but the things I can control I want to stay exactly the same until I'm ready for them to change. That makes a certain amount of sense. Thank you. I feel better. Those icons are still toast, but they won't have died senselessly :)

Good night,

Oh, by the way, I need a lot of help with getting ready for Saturday, so please let work go really smoothly and quickly. Help me to get all of my laundry and packing done and help me to pack wisely. I love you and thank you, again.

In Jesus' name,


At 10:22 AM, May 13, 2006, Blogger Darbs said...

LOL...and I thought I was got me beat by leaps and bounds.

Don't sweat the small is way to short!

(BTW...that's the pot callin' the kettle black...but it IS good advice).


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