Thursday, May 25, 2006

Prayer Dare: Day #40 (Series Finale)

I'm betting that your 40 days in the wilderness didn't seem to go by this quickly. Or did they? What was that like? Was it no food and no water? I don't remember. Why the wandering in the wilderness? Fasting for 40 days in the Ritz-Carlton would be bad enough. Feasting in the wilderness would also have been more than enough of a sacrifice? You put the two together. I guess it's the height and depth proportionality thing. The incredible amount of power that you had required a supernatural sacrifice to balance. I just can't imagine either the power or the sacrifice. It's amazing.

I don't know where I'm going from here. That statement could apply to many areas in my life, but I'm speaking specifically about the blog and my journaling. Guide me toward your purpose. It's not about my next bold move, it's about your next move in my life. If it's 300 years of silence or one word a day, I just want your leading and your anointing and your joy to be my strength. Pictures? That would be interesting. Show me how and I'm there.

I'm a week into my new year of life. Let this be a year of peace in process. I pray for motion, progress. Last year was probably the best year of my life, full stock. But this year will make last year look like the semifinals of a parcheesi tournament. Guide me. Guide me. Guide me. I know that my responsibility will increase and I pray for strength and discipline. Grant me asylum in the nook between your shoulder and your wing.

I honor you, Sweet Jesus,


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