Friday, February 02, 2007

Day Four

Today, Living Waters came through on both the grateful thing and prayer answered fronts. The prayer that was answered was not one that I prayed, instead it was one prayed for me. I shared with a team member that I needed to feel reconnected. She prayed that God would meet me in worship. He waited until the end and then stopped me cold with a word of Encouragement directly from Him to me.

I'm grateful that I am the first-fruit of the work of God's hands. I am His tithe. He created me for exclusive communion with Him, but in an act of sacrifice, He gave me to the Church. To further it. To build it. To maintain it. So that there will be meat and sustinence and life in it.

Today, I pray that I can live up to my peculiar and specific purpose for being on this planet. I have my flaws, but all in all I'm a pretty cool individual. I want to live like only I can. Tomorrow, I want to make a difference in a life in a way that only someone that God created to be me could pull off. Tomorrow, I want to have a for-such-a-time-as-this moment. Amen.


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