Thursday, March 19, 2015

Quick Thought: Dunno

Tonight, as I was coming home from the movies with a friend, I met a homeless guy outside of Union Station. He whispered a request for help. Or maybe it just sounded like a whisper filtered through the anti-homeless force field that is deployed when I'm in city walking mode. Anyway, I was already a few feet past him, when I felt a twinge that maybe I shouldn't just walk by. I had no cash, so I offered to buy him some McDonald's.

Once we got to the restaurant, he asked for a chicken sandwich, but switched to McNuggets. He said he didn't want the meal, because of bad fry experiences. I ordered and paid, all the while trying to look like I was just grabbing fast food with a friend, not like the businessman buying dinner for the homeless man.

I felt a weird sense of guilt, even though I was doing what I believe I was meant to do in this situation. At least until I noticed the cigar burns on his back and arm. Then I lost track of myself, overwhelmed with sadness and intercession.

As a counselor, I hear so many true stories I wish weren't true. This was the same feeling. And I felt just as helpless as always, wondering how God can watch this stuff happen and not do something.


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