Monday, January 16, 2006

Sign 'O' The Times: Sign 'O' The Times (Part 1)

I was at the airport yesterday coming back from a weekend jaunt to AZ. As I stood in the bus shelter, I noticed some graffiti that kept me thinking for most of the hour that I was forced to wait for the shuttle bus. It read:

4 Now

Donte and DeAngelo could well be the names of a spry, septuagenarian husband and wife, but I feel safe in the assumption that these are teenage boys that informs my commentary. At any rate, it seemed all too apropos an allegory for issues facing the current generation of youth.

There's little hope of any coherent exegesis of this topic, either at this hour of the night or with any semblance of brevity, so this intro will have to mark the beginning of yet another blog series, probably a trilogy.


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