Thursday, August 10, 2006

More Than Able

I've been house hunting lately. A couple of friends and I are looking to rent a place on Capitol Hill. Finding the perfect place was one battle, then securing that place another. It all seemed a sisyphean task, one that called into question my trust in God.

I posted yesterday about trust and my need to remember what God had done in the past whenever I found myself doubting him. I mentioned that trust had been a major theme in my dialogue with God, in large part because of the moving situation.

Yesterday I heard a song that spoke directly to my situation. "More Than Able" by Fred Hammond pretty much summed everything up. The second verse reads thusly:

When asked to give
A true assessment for the task before you
Stop and relive
The many ways His mighty arm has brought you through
Remember every lion's den
And don't forget your last Red Sea
Know with God there's endless possibility
So let us see ourselves as those can
Even if we can't see how
Let us see and dream, possess and build
Even if giants live there now

And if He says the land is ours then we
Should move ahead with no delay

We are more than able
Yes we are

I knew God had said the house that I wanted was ours, but there seemed to be giants standing between grasshopper-sized me and my Promised Land. The Red Sea and lion's den victories of the past faded from memory. But God wouldn't let me give up.

Per usual, God was right. We found out today that we got the house. Less than three weeks from now, I'll be living in Canaan. What a mighty God we serve. We are more than able because he is more than anything!


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