Sunday, February 04, 2007

Day Seven

I had a good day. Nothing exceptional happened, but it was a good day. I tried my hand at racquetball. I lost soundly, but built the foundation for some decent play in the future. It also made for some good male bonding time. I got the speakers back for my computer (I had taken them to work for a presentation), so I can again enjoy music and other errant noises produced by my PC. The Colts won the Superbowl and Prince performed at halftime. If either of those events had gone a different way, I wouldn't have really cared, but it's cool that they turned out as they did. Prince is a genius and the owner and coach of the Colts like to talk about God and Jesus in interviews.

There is a lot to be grateful for, and I can't really choose one thing. So, I'll just say thank you, Lord, for everything.

I don't know what to pray for either. I want a camera, but that's not really a prayer request. Well I guess it can and probably should be. I need wisdom and favor. I want a camera that I'll be happy with. That is not cheap or cheesy, and isn't too complicated for me to use. I want the ease of a point-and-shoot and the functionality and features of an SLR. I want it to inspire me and allow me to capture moments and all of the amazing beauty that God's hidden in plain sight without pulling me away from experiencing them. That's not really the camera, I guess. That's more me. Regardless, I don't want to pay more than $400.

I saw a prayer answered today, but I can't remember what it was. Crap! It's not coming to me. Several times today, I prayed to bring my mind back into focus and it worked amazingly well. That's not what I was thinking of, but it is an answered prayer. Several, actually. So that works.


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