Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Day Ten

I'm not sure what I'm feeling today except for tired. Today was completely redeemed by a good lunch and a good class. Yesterday, I was borderline despondent with exhaustion. Today, I'm tired, but I'm not as bad off emotionally. So, I'm grateful for lunch and class and their redemption of what could have been another bad day.

I think I've found my new camera, so that prayer was answered. Just have to get the price worked out. really looking forward to having it, so I can go out taking pictures. I'll get to go for walks and explore the area. I'm gaining weight like gangbusters, so I can use the exercise.

My prayer request is what it's been for a while - too long, I think - a scheduling anointing. Nothing short of divine intervention, except maybe discipline, will rescue me from running myself into a ditch and dragging everything in my life down with me. It all sounds very melodramatic, because it is. It's also because I'm tired and that's how I get when I'm tired. Just the same. I don't function as well and I have a lot going on that requires a reasonable level of functioning.

Also, I want Deli Devotional to go well, tomorrow. That would be great!


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