Wednesday, January 18, 2006

I love it when a Plan comes together.

I know I'm supposed to be talking about gay elementary school kids and the death of puppy love, but that's not really where my head is at right now. God and I had a really good night.

Breaking a long held vow, I rode the Red Line all the way to Shady Grove. Nothing bad happened. It came on time and dropped me off on time. Then I got off the train directly onto my MoCo Ride-On bus with no wait. I realized too late that the bus I got directly onto wasn't actually "my bus," but stayed on anyway and still ended up going exactly where I needed to. Then on my trip home, I caught my return bus with no wait, got back to the train station and got directly onto the Red Line with no wait. When I got to my destination, I had to add extra money to my farecard to exit. The machine rejected my dollar, but added the money to my card anyway. Clearly, I had somehow acquired the fabled public transportation anointing.

More importantly, the Lord used the purpose of my trip to help me gain some much needed perspective. I am helping to coordinate my church's Alpha Course (a 10 week class offered by thousands of churches worldwide that combines apologetics, discipleship, and fellowship and is a must for anyone with a pulse), so I went to observe the Course that another area church was running.

I am highly analytical. It is my nature to break things down into their component parts, and poke and prod at them as if each were a universe unto itself. This makes me a whiz at electronics and minor repair, as well as a highly successful obsessive-compulsive. But it also means I can occasionally lose sight of the big picture. This had started to happen as I worked on some of the details in my Coordinator gig. The funny thing is that I hadn't noticed what I was doing until God reminded me of the big picture.

Tonight, I looked out on a sea of people sitting and listening with rapt attention. Word by word, they grew more and more excited about Jesus because they were hearing the truth of who he was and who he wanted to be to them. I could see hearts, minds, and lives changing before my very eyes. I got a little misty, but more than that, I got a lot of clarity. Although I never doubted it, I know in a way that I didn't know before that everything is going to work out. What God is going to accomplish is going to be so much bigger than the sum of the details. It never ceases to amaze me how God can give you exactly what you need but never knew you lacked. A side effect of the whole omniscience thing, I suppose.


At 5:53 PM, January 21, 2006, Blogger Hyla said...

I love it! And, I'm so excited!


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