Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Letter B

Along with my writing class, I'm taking another class called Living Waters. This one is geared toward cleaning up all of the messes that we find ourselves in pertaining to sexuality and relationships. It's about learning to love yourself and others better by learning to love God first and best. For one of our homework assignments, I had to write three letters: one to my father, one to my mother, and one from God to me. Here's the letter from God to me. It kind of reads like an answer to my Digging Up The Past posting.


Your memory is a gift like every other gift I’ve given you. Even as your memories fade and shift with every new bit of insight and revelation, understand that their value never fades. I used your past to shape you and mold you into the man that you are now. Your memories, good and bad, are the record of that process. They are the scrapbook of our journey together. But, always keep the past in its proper perspective and place. Always remember that your past may help to determine your options, but you and you alone are responsible for which of them you’ll choose.

I love you, Child. Know that I’ve seen the man you were, I’ve seen the man you are, and I’ve seen the man you’ll become. I love them all.

I love you,
Your God and Father


At 2:38 PM, February 07, 2006, Blogger SageSteph said...

That just brings tears to my eyes. God loves us so much. He craves our presence. Thanks for sharing that, DB.


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