Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Day Seventeen

Tonight, I'm grateful for grace. As much as I'd like God to think like I do a lot of the time. I'm glad that he doesn't because I'd be dead. If God was as unforgiving as I am or if he found the same bad habits inexcusable in me that I find inexcusable in other people, I would be "dead sleeping in my grave," as the saying goes. I'm really glad that he challenges me to come to his level rather than stooping to mine.

I did pray that I wouldn't have to go to school tonight and that prayer was answered. This was in exchange for the prayer that I wouldn't have to go to work. That one, unfortunately, was not answered. It ended up working out to be the best possible scenario, short of both work and school being cancelled.

My prayer is to linger with you. No, seriously, my prayer tonight is for courage to be honest and forthright. Even when I'm not forgiving or gracious, I want to be clear with how I'm feeling. Within reason, of course. I don't want to be cruel and tactless. I just want to be honest. Which, I guess, translates into a prayer to be loving. One aspect of love for me is sharing the truth with grace and mercy. That's what I want. Try me and build me in that. I dare you.


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