Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Day Twenty-Three

I have a new plan to get consistent. With the help of one of my roommates, the quintessential morning person, I'm waking up early to journal. That way, I'll have nothing else taking up my journaling time. Hopefully that will also encourage me to go to bed earlier, too. At the very least, it's making typing more difficult. So, there is a difference.

Yesterday was a long, tiring day. That will probably affect the rest of my week. I really shouldn't claim that, but it's tough not to. So, I'm going to..."acknowledge" that my energy level for the week could very well be screwed already, and I'll pray against that. I hate praying for rest and energy because I have so much unexercised control over them. But, alas, I will. I need to get more and better rest. The better part actually is God's department, so that's valid. And I really need the rest I get to return increased dividends in energy. Crap, there's my Lenten fast.

Answered prayer: is both a great choir and yesterday was a safe move and ride in one of the less safe and mechanically sound U-Haul trucks I've seen. I guess I also got my fast outlined, which was a prayer in passing.

Gratitude: God's still, small voice method of answering prayers. The answer crept up on me and before I knew it. I had the thing I've been asking for since before I had the words for it. I was distracted looking in a different direction, trying to manufacture the answer myself, which for me was akin to God's putting Adam to sleep while he made Eve. As it has been suggested in Adam's case, my being uninvolved kept me from screwing up God's plan with opinions and "help". Thank you for putting me to sleep and waking me up only in time to say "Thank you."


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