Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Day Thirty-Eight

Yesterday was another uneventful day. There's an episode of Family Guy where Brian is volunteering as a seeing eye dog. He's taking a blind person to a movie, The Blair Witch Project, and narrating what happens: "Some kids are in the woods with a video camera. Now they're running. Nothing's happening. More running. Nothing's happening. Nothing's happening. Nothing's happening. It's over. People look pissed."

That's what comes to mind, when I think of my days, lately. I've got to get some sleep. Anyway, work is still tough. Today we have a staff meeting, which will make everything better. Our staff meetings are so much fun. I usually come away with a lot of miscellany to deal with, but it's worth it. My co-workers are the funniest, craziest, zaniest, most critical and sarcastic people on the planet. So, locking them in a room together is a reality show waiting to happen. So, I'm looking forward to that.

I pray for myself and my friends to catch afire with the Holy Spirit. I pray that God will ignite/reignite a passion in us. That He will give us a hope and a future. It's a little amorphous, but that's the best I can do right now.

I'm grateful for my bike, still. I'm enjoying riding it to work. Even though it's butt-cold. With my helmet (or Matt's helmet) and my other accoutremént, I feel like a different person. A biker person. It's almost like the first time I wore a baseball cap.

My prayers for two friends' jobs were answered yesterday. That was cool. One friend got a new job. The other had a tough day at work that turned out well. He said he saw the experience as an answered prayer. His recognizing the answered prayer is another answered prayer. Also, the frozen crab I cooked for my roommates didn't kill them. My first stab a crab cakes turned out pretty well. We had a good meal and a great fellowship together. Sharing more of ourselves. I love my roommates. It's hard not to see God at work when I think about them.

Not a great day, but a good day.


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