Saturday, February 24, 2007

Day Twenty-Seven

So, yesterday's prayer for my co-worker was not answered. It's going to make for a hilarious story. She's the most incredible storyteller I know. Everything is funny when she tells it. Everything. Gut-bustingly funny. So, I'm looking forward to that, but I really wanted her trip to be perfect. Unfortunately, she arrived to find that our company's travel office had arranged everything to her exact specifications, except that they had not booked her a room to stay in. They somehow figured she didn't need one. And the hotel where her meetings were scheduled was completely booked.

I didn't see a prayer answered yesterday that I can think of off-hand, but it was a good day nonetheless. A little weird, but good. I ended it with the thought: I have a life that I love, no matter what and I have amazing friends. I woke to the same feeling. That's what I'm most grateful for.

For today, I want a safe trip from Falls Church and a good birthday celebration...with no wintry mix.


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