Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Day Thirty

I'm over- and underwhelmed. So much to do, so little time...and energy...and motivation. I'm not enjoying my cereal this morning as much as I planned to. Random thoughts, I know, but it's that kind of morning. What in the world is this day going to be like?

"Focus Abuse!"

This cereal may be legitimately nasty, but that's beside the point right now.

Yesterday was pretty good. I had my camera all day and never saw anything worth photographing. No real answered prayers either. What is wrong with this cereal? Anyway, it was just a day. I was less productive than I needed to be. Today, Lord, I've got to be off the charts productive. For no other reason than I procratinated, but I need your grace. Bless me. Which reminds me: confession. I've got to go to confession today or tomorrow. Probably tomorrow.

As for gratefulness, I guess what I'm grateful for is creativity. Creative outlets. The imagination. "It's a h#$@ of a thing," as Rick James would say. While it can be hell, it's heaven sent and can take us as close to heaven as we're able to get on this earth. I feel most alive when I'm creating and enjoying what I've made. Yesterday was a good day for that.


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