Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Day Forty-Five

Still with the wierd sleeping thing. I was up this morning at 3am. Luckily, I was able to sleep most of the time between 3 and 6 when I woke up for good. Thanks to Papillon for the international shout out, and the reply which reminded me of the scripture I posted on the sidebar of the blog then ceremoniously forgot. Sleep and rest are gifts granted by God, not something I'm entitled to or dictated by the hour of the day. As she said, it is a thing - like all gifts - to be thought of reverently and requiring some degree of stewardship.

Interesting thoughts.

Yesterday was a great day. The amazing weather helped immensely. I was a little tired, so after a short lunch with one of my favorite coworkers, I went for a bike ride to get some fresh air. I worked for a bit then took a power nap and knocked out the rest of the day. Class was good, interesting.

Still no answered prayers, although now I'm convinced I'm not looking hard enough. Actually, I my commuting prayers were answered. On the way home from school, as I approached the station, I prayed that my train would come in four minutes to give me time to get up to the platform. Right after I prayed, I looked up at the monitor (which you can see from the ground) to see how long the train would be. It said 2 minutes. So, I ran. Two minutes later, when I reached the platform, it still said 2 minutes. Because of a minor delay it showed up in exactly four minutes. That was cool.

I really need God's help getting my paper done. I don't deserve it. The paper could/should have been finished by now, but it's not. So, I'm praying that I can get it out of the way. It will require some major acrobatics on my part, but also a lot of other factors falling into place exactly the way I need them to. So, I really need God's help to make that happen. Oh, Frailty, thy name is Procrastination.

Gratitude? Yesterday, I really enjoyed being in class discussing/debating/learning about God's Word and Truth. It's cool to be able to reason together just like God invited us to. It's great that we serve a God that's big and complex enough to keep us guessing, but simple and real enough to make perfect sense...when he wants to.


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