Thursday, March 08, 2007

Day Thirty-Nine

Yesterday was...long. Work was good, but...long. The staff meeting did not disappoint. I backslid in my assertiveness training during the lunch ordering process, and paid for it in money and spring rolls and frustration. All and all it was a productive enjoyable day. It was long, but I ended up staying over because I was busy AND time flew toward the end. I came home and puttered around for a bit. Then some surrogate family dropped by for movies and pizza. It was a few kids I used to mentor in the youth ministry at my old church and the mother of a couple of them. Of course, they're not kids anymore. The "kids" are ready to graduate college. And all, including the mom, are like brothers and sisters. We watched Little Miss Sunshine and The Prestige. They left at around 2am. We're a loud and rowdy bunch, so it was a late night for my roommates, too, which I feel horrible about. Oh, and I fell while riding my bike in the snow yesterday morning. We're both alright, although my bike may need a few small repairs. It was potentially dangerous, since I fell flat into oncoming traffic, but in actuality it was just funny. It drew the attention of drivers, walkers, construction workers, and other passersby.

I am grateful that I fell and that I'm still alive. It really could have gone a number of different and less humorous ways. But, I enjoy falls. As I mentioned to Rob I was a very clumsy child and had years to get used to falling. I also think God trips me, every so often, just to keep me from taking myself too seriously.

I don't recall seeing any prayers answered yesterday.

For today, I pray that my sharing at Living Waters will go well tonight. I'm talking about my experience with the true and false masculine. Should be interesting. My prayer is that I can step back and look at my life objectively. And, stay stepped back enough to share honestly - without trying to paint myself the martyr, the sinner or the saint - and enough to not get in the way of the Holy Spirit. Tall order, when I'm pouring out my guts on such as sensitive topic to a room full of 60 or 70 of my closest acquaintences.


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