Monday, March 26, 2007

Day Fifty 7

This was a weekend, busy and sleepless and fun, like so many others. It was also a weekend of visits. Both Rob and Adrienne had their respective mother in town. Rob's youngest brother was also here. It was great to see all of them.

Rob's mom is the consummate friend's mom. Fun, funny and generous and mothering. All-around cute. I get excited every time I hear she's coming to visit. Adrienne's mom is very much like Adrienne - reserved, intelligent, honest, solid and warm. You could easily match both to their kids in a twenty mom line-up. Blind-folded.

Andy's also a very good guy. Similar to Rob in a lot of ways. It would have been interesting to see the three boys as kids. My mother probably wouldn't have let me play with them, mind you, but it would have been fun.

My friend, Catherine, also had an out of town guest. Her college friend, Caroline. Who I always remember as the cute, curly-red-head. She's always fun and interesting. I had dinner with them and Catherine's husband last night. Catherine's a restaurant quality cook, so the food was delicious as always. The conversation was also great. I also saw a little of Catherine's son. He's kind of a fireball, so he was in constant motion for my entire visit.

There was also a breakfast with Brandt and Matt's small group at the house and lunch with Rob on Saturday. I don't remember what happened Friday. Oh, yeah, I was working all night. Good time and great food, there, too.

Busy, busy busy. But good. I am grateful for peace. My life and my mind aren't perfect and they're not calm, but they could be a hell of a lot worse. Literally. I'm never without God, and his presence is never without some measure of peace. Might be some challenge and gobbledygook, but God's peace is always there in the background somewhere.

I pray that today is good for my friends, who have a lot going on, and an impetus for me. I don't care into what. I also need a shopping blessing.

God answered my prayer yesterday and calmed me, even though I didn't pray for it. I had a very rough shopping experience. And wanted to, as Rob says, "start breaking stuff." But it all worked out in the end.


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