Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Day Fifty 8

Yesterday was a bad work day. It wasn't bad, bad. It was sort of productive, although not it a tangible way. The main problem was that I was tired and doing a lot of reading and thinking. Today will be better. Back at the ranch, I was quite productive. Laundry, changing linens, cooking (well, frozen pizza), grocery shopping (well, asking Matt to grab a couple of things), talking to my roommates (I actually did that one), talking to my friend Nic, some designing, lots of photo processing.Today will be less productive at home, because I have class.

My shopping prayer was answered. Let's hope I can stick to it, I guess. I'm grateful for my job. I need to start acting like it, and I need to be a better steward over it, but I am very grateful. I pray that that is evidenced today. I also pray that my heel stops hurting.


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