Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Day Fifty 9

Yesterday was a good workday. So much fun hanging out with my co-workers, as always. We had an all-day task meeting, so we were trapped together in a small conference room. A sure recipe for hilarity.

Class was decent, too. Nothing outstanding, but a solid day. After that was a decently productive study session and bed.

I woke up this morning at friggin' five forty-five. A nightmare about my brothers and me being chased by a convenience store robbing serial killer. It was pretty intense, but not intense enough to justify waking up that early. I was annoyed, as always, that I couldn't go back to sleep. It was good prayer time though.

I'm really hungry, as I am most of the day. I'm gaining weight. It could be muscle weight, at least some of it is, I'm pretty certain. But I'm not a body builder. Weight gain is weight gain. It's all equally triggering.

Anyway, I pray that I can "quit." I was reading yesterday about a woman who was a workaholic. That's clearly not my testimony, but she also had my problem with the constantly running mind. One day she just said "I quit." Along with scaling back her commitments, she decided that she was going to stop working and thinking so many steps ahead and behind. She was just going to be present and focus on doing the next thing that she had to do. I want that.

God answered my prayer for my friend's situation. He also took care of my heel spur just after I prayed the prayer, which was pretty cool. And, this weekend, he orchestrated a ridiculously smooth conversation about the investment I was considering. I need another one of those blessings to make it through the next step.

I'm grateful for the laughter and joy that fills my life through my friends. I'm also grateful that he reminded me of my passion for people and relationship.


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